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speech synthesis
acoustic models


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R. Sandhiya, & V. Saranya. (2021). An Application for mute and hearing impaired person to attend phone call. Scientific Hub of Applied Research in Engineering & Information Technology, 1(2), 19–22.


One of the common disabilities found in people now days are the inability to hear and speak. They could not lead a normal social life of attending and answering the phone calls. This application helps deaf and dumb people to make and attend phone calls. We allow them to normally communicate without acquiring the help of others .This uses voice to text technique and vice versa and also speech synthesis technology. There is also a dictionary facility provided to fasten their speed in typing. When dumb people want to call they can just type the message and send to receiver which gets converted to voice and then reach the receiver. In the same way when some other calls to deaf, people can answer the call. For the entire process the call should be put in loudspeaker mode. To send these messages one does not get charged. Thus, this app help disable people to act like normal people.
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