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IoT Technology
Node MCU Microcontroller
Cloud Computing


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P, S., V, A., P, R., & G, R. (2022). IoT-Based Precision Irrigation for Agriculture. Scientific Hub of Applied Research in Engineering & Information Technology, 2(4), 18–22. https://doi.org/10.53659/shareit.v2i4.43


AGRI-AUTOMATA stresses efficiency by boosting the yield by primarily focusing on soil temperature and humidity while also keeping track of soil moisture content and sunlight in order to monitor and control the essential elements of agricultural farming utilizing modernized IOT Technology. By improving the automated maintenance system, productivity is raised through this method.The sensors are strategically positioned across the farm in order to collect data and provide the farmer with relevant information using IoT technology and the necessary user-friendly software.The automated system in this proposed system can even be utilized to change the temperature, which will improve agricultural productivity, water availability, and brightness intensity.The Node MCU microcontroller serves as the overall automated system's decision-making and controlling mechanism in conjunction with the incorporation of numerous sensors.

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