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Vienna Rectifier
Three level converters
Hysteresis control
Power Circuit Design
THD and Power loss


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P. Sweety Jose, P.Subha Hency Jose, & K. Bhagya Lakshmi. (2021). Simulation and Analysis of Three Phase/Level Vienna Rectifier as a Front end Converter. Scientific Hub of Applied Research in Engineering & Information Technology, 1(1), 11–17. (Original work published February 24, 2021)


A three-phase front end ac to dc rectifier based on Vienna Rectifier with a three phase/level bidirectional switch topology is presented here. Various topologies of Vienna Rectifier were analyzed and selection of best topology for the front end of Low Harmonic Electric drives is reported. The comparative study has been done among 5 topologies with respect to number of semiconductor devices, semiconductor losses, number of gate drivers etc. Six switch Vienna Rectifier topology 1 is found to be the best solution for harmonic mitigation in the front end of Low harmonic Drives. Power circuit design is made for 90 kW drive and Hysteresis based closed loop control strategy is implemented. The simulation has been implemented in MATLAB/SIMULINK for a 90 kW Vienna Rectifier for input supply voltage of 400 V, 50 Hz and the DC link voltage is maintained at 591V(3% boost in line peak voltage). The simulation result shows that sinusoidal input current, unity power factor is achieved and the current THD is limited to less than 5% as per IEEE 519-2014 standard.
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