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Interlocking bricks
Eco friendly
fly ash
waste management


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R.K, M., R, S., G, P., & B, M. (2022). Utilization of fly ash, m-sand, lime and cement for eco friendly interlocking bricks: an experimental approach. Scientific Hub of Applied Research in Engineering & Information Technology, 2(1), 27–31. https://doi.org/10.53659/shareit.v2i1.23


The use of agricultural and industrial waste materials within the industry has been the main target of research for financial, ecological and technical reasons. The aim of this experiment is to create cost-effective and ecofriendly bricks to sustain environmental balance and avoid problems of ash discarding and M-sand. In this lime, cement and red oxide are used for replacing fly ash and M-sand. Size of trial brick [190 x 90 x 90] mm were tested in different proportions of 52%, 50%, and 48% as a replacement for fly ash with lime and cement and 42%, 40%, and 38% addition of M- sand. Even though the M-sand and fly ash have a lot of merits, but the strength will get low due to their lower hydration process at an early stage. These bricks were tested in a universal testing machine (UTM) and water absorption as per the Indian standard. This project is based on an idea that gives more economic value to today’s world and it is ecofriendly material. This can be used in future construction techniques for better and economic construction.

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